5E3 Chassis Kit

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5E3 Tweed Deluxe Chassis Kit                                                 $219

Build the World-Famous Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals Amplifier. These 50's era classic vacuum tube amps are  the first choice of award-winning musicians. They live again in Boutique, Hand-Built Modern Assemblies with improved components & design elements. Build one yourself in your spare time. SAVE HUNDREDS!  When assembled with care & attention to detail you'll have a far better amp than store bought.

Includes Welded, Polished Stainless Steel, White Screen Printed Chassis; Rigid 2mm Garolite turret Board, Nylon Machine Screws to fasten eyelet board to chassis; 3 - Alpha 1M Potentiometers, Black Chicken head Knobs; Pilot Light; Fuse Holder; Allied Mil Spec 20 ga and 22 ga Wire Kit- Plenty to complete the kit with some left over. 3  Octal Tube Sockets & Bear Traps; Two 9 Pin Chassis-mount Tube Sockets & Shields; Fastener Kit for sockets and ground lug with K lock nuts; rubber grommets, Ground bus, terminal strip; Neutrik Jacks and Carling Switches; Power Cord with Strain Relief. Plus All the Capacitors and Resistors needed to build the amp.

Boutique Amp Goodies: Three 22uF Samwha Power Filter Caps*, Four .1 uF and one .022uF Mallory Coupling Caps**, 22uF IC 50V Cathode Bypass Caps, High quality Metal Film and Carbon Film & Cement Resistors.

All Capacitor and Resistor Values are consistent with state of the art design improvements for optimized 5E3 performance and reliability. Layout Sheet included with kit.

Source your own Cabinet, Speaker, Tubes and Transformers or get them here.  A list of internet sources for build support is available upon request.

Cabinet, Speaker, Tubes and Transformers are NOT included. Please DO NOT buy this kit if you are not experienced working safely with the Potentially Lethal High Voltages found in Tube Amplifiers. This kit is designed to be built by experienced Amp Builders.

Just $219 and  $21 shipping anywhere in the USA Add a Classic Tone Transformer Set for $145 more. If you haven't experienced the genius and simplicity of 5E3 circuitry, you owe it to yourself to build one. See why the Tweed Deluxe 5e3 remains the first choice of top musicians.

Proluxe 40 Watt Version chassis kit is available $20 surcharge. Please note that the Proluxe is a very different project. Proluxe uses two 6L6 Power tubes (instead of 6V6) and requires larger transformers. $185 set in stock. Proluxe is similar to a Bandmaster without the extra 12AX7 tube and without the tone stack. Proluxe typically utilizes the fixed bias system. Please read here: http://www.tdpri.com/threads/cathode-vs-fixed-bias.348553/ Some drilling is required to mount the big output transformer. Please check out this new video and sound check of the Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Built from these very same kits: http://youtu.be/EqwaoVYpEqU

Aficionado options: *Choose 22uF F&T Electrolytic Filter Caps for $15 more **Select a set of Sprague Orange Drop Coupling (DC Blocking) Capacitors for $10 more. 

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F&T Filter Capacitors                                                     $15 

F&T Germany Electrolytic Capacitor 22µF / 500V Dimensions are - 0.7" D x 1.52" H

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Sprague Orange Drop Coupling Caps      $10

Bigger is better for long life & great tone

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